It has been my pleasure to work closely with our former Office Manager Jonny Workman for the last 6 years. Along with numerous other administrative duties, she was the office technical support “Go To Person.” In other words, when there was ANY technology problem, it was Jonny who was called first to fix it. It could be operating software issues, CBCT, CAD/CAM, Zoom conferencing, office security cameras, and Banking problems. As well as every data entry or exit issue regardless of who was sending it to us or who we were sending it to. Her real love was our operating software, EagleSoft. Not only did she train every employee, current or new hire, she was constantly getting calls from other offices who use EagleSoft to help them out. Without a doubt, our office could not have gone to the next level of being considered “high tech” without the immense contributions of Jonny. She will help provide an incredible service to which ever office hires her.

David Rowe, DMD
Owner, Paradise Dental

I am thrilled to recommend Jonny Workman as an outstanding resource and trainer of the dental management software known as Eaglesoft. 

Jonny and I worked managing different offices for about 10 years. During that time, I quickly learned that she knew that software so well that she could make anything work for a dental office. She knew how to get the information you wanted by the available reports, knew how to create new ways of entering in the data to get the information the owner and team needed to run a viable practice. I always knew and still know to this day that if I need something and the Patterson support desk has no solution, that Jonny will have a solution that is perfect for any dental practice no matter the size. 

Jonny’s experience and passion will continue to serve all of her future and current clients.

Heather Burton, RDH Practice
Administrator and Owner

Jonny is an amazing and very fun person to work with when it comes to learning Eaglesoft dental software. I didn’t have a dental background or knowledge of dentistry at all but about 10 years ago I was offered an opportunity to learn dental insurance from Jonny when she managed a very busy growing dental group. She was so knowledgeable and willing to teach me everything from the first time basics of dentistry to being very efficient in problem-solving with insurance/billing and understanding all elements of Eaglesoft. She really took time with me and everyone in the office to focus training on specific topics that we needed to understand and fun ways to learn time-saving features to be more productive. Needless to say, I’m still in dentistry and couldn’t imagine doing anything else!! She taught me everything from memorizing dental codes, submitting dental claims, and scheduling to how to manage the end to end operations of a dental office. Even though we live many miles away now  I’m certain I could call her with any software or a dental concern and she would walk me right through what I needed to understand. I highly recommend her she is the best!

Summer W.

When I first met Jonny, I had never even heard of Eaglesoft,  I had been using a different software for the last 20 years, and I was scared to death! Jonny took one look at me and said challenge accepted. Jonny is so knowledgeable and with patience that within no time at all I was running Eaglesoft like I’ve been using it forever. Jonny Workman will definitely make Eaglesoft work for you! 

Jill G.